Ayurveda in United Kingdom

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Notice! All text below is copied from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec 31, 2012

Ayurvedic medicine is not statutorily regulated in the UK but ayurvedic practitioners
supplying unlicensed herbal medicines on a one-to-one basis are set to be statutorily
regulated under the Health Professions Council along with other traditional or herbal
medicine practitioners.

There are approximately 200 qualified Ayurvedic practitioners in the UK most of whom are registered with one of the two existing voluntary regulation bodies: either with the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association (APA) or the British Association of Accredited Ayurvedic Practitioners (BAAAP).

The only currently existing training course is the 4-year integrated MSc programme offered by the College of Ayurveda in conjunction with Middlesex University. Middlesex University has re-validated this programme for another 5 years in 2011 and intends to accredit the course through the EHTPA Accreditation Board before statutory regulation commences in 2013 (309).