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Notice! All text below is copied from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec 31, 2012

In this summary, you will find:

  • Direct links to the legislation of specific CAM therapies in Cyprus
  • The legal and regulatory status of CAM and CAM practices in Cyprus
  • The governmental supervision of CAM practices in Cyprus
  • The reimbursement status of CAM practices and medicinal products in Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus (hereinafter Cyprus) has been a member of the European Union (EU) since 2004 (11) and became a member of the Council of Europe in 1961 (12).

Go directly to legislation of specific CAM therapies in Cyprus:
Acupuncture – Anthroposophic medicine – Ayurveda – Chiropractic – Herbal medicine/Phytotherapy –
Homeopathy – Massage – Naprapathy – Naturopathy – Neural therapy – Osteopathy – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – Other treatments

The legal and regulatory status of CAM and CAM practices

Only medical doctors can provide medical treatment in Cyprus (44). “It is a criminal offence for others to practise medicine or give medications”. CAM is not integrated with medicine and only chiropractic treatment is recognized and regulated (44). Treatment is restricted tolegally regulated personnel, however a practitioner approved to practise under United Kingdom regulations, is also approved to practise in Cyprus (4370).

The Cyprus Alternative Therapeutics is registered by the Cyprus Government in accordance with the Societies and Institutions Law No-57 of 1972, 1973. In 2004 all alternative Medicine Associations have come under one umbrella body thus forming the Cyprus General Council of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. The council has taken major steps towards self-regulation within the profession (71).

The Alternative Medicine Practitioners are not protected by law like the Medical
Association’s members. Only the practice of modern, orthodox medicine by professionals is recognized, however various forms of complementary and alternative medicine practices are tolerated (71). Alternative practitioners may register in “the Cyprus general council & register of alternative therapists”. Associations included are: Cyprus Alternative Therapies Association (Reg. No.1457), Cyprus Naturopathic Association (Reg.No. 1549), Cyprus Traditional Acupuncture Association (Reg.No. 2120) (71).

The governmental supervision of CAM Practices

No specific regulation has been found on supervision of CAM practices in Cyprus.

The reimbursement status of CAM practices and medicinal products

Information from 2001 states that there is no reimbursement of CAM treatments in Cyprus, and CAM is not included in the National Health Insurance Scheme (44).