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In this summary, you will find:

  • Direct links to the legislation of specific CAM therapies in Luxembourg
  • The legal and regulatory status of CAM and CAM practices in Luxembourg
  • The governmental supervision of CAM practices in Luxembourg
  • The reimbursement status of CAM practices and medicinal products in Luxembourg
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Luxembourg is a founding member of the European Union since 1952 (11), and a founding
member of the Council of Europe on 5 May 1949 (12).

The legal and regulatory status of CAM and CAM practices

Treatment is restricted to legally regulated health personnel (both doctors and other
regulated health personnel) in Luxembourg (4143). CAM in general is not regulated (43).

The act of 29 April 1983 on the professions of doctors, dentists and veterinarians regulates the practice of medicine. Authorization is given by the Minister of Health, issued on the advice of the medical college (196). According to article 7, only doctors may provide treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disease.

Persons who practise or participate in the diagnosis or treatment of real or supposed pathological disorders through personal acts, oral or written consultations and without the required qualifications and authorizations can be prosecuted (28196). The Act of 14 July 2010 harmonizes the provisions of Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications of the professions of doctor, dentist, veterinary surgeon, pharmacist and certain other health professions (197).

The Code of Professional Ethics states that it is unethical for allopathic physicians to
recommend, to either their patients or acquaintances, therapies that are based on illusory methods or which are not scientifically proven (44). The Code de la Santé (The Code of Health) compiles the legislation in the field of Health. It is regularly updated so as to present the state of such act, regulation, order or other normative act on the day of its date of update. The Health Portal ( ) also offers a set of laws in the field of Health and Social.

The modified law of 29 April 1983 regulates doctors, dentist and veterinarians (198). The
modified law of 26 March 1992 regulates certain regulated health professions like nurse,
masseur, midwife and physiotherapist (199). The exercise of these professions requires a
licence issued by the Minister of Health under the following conditions: the candidate must hold a diploma in Luxembourg on the relevant profession, or a foreign degree recognized by the Minister of National Education or the Minister of Higher Education (199).

A national of a Member State of the European Community, established in another Member State of the Community, with an European professions subject to an EU directive on mutual recognition of degrees, can practise in Luxembourg in service delivery activities of selfemployed without the profession concerned obtaining authorization from the Minister (199).

The person authorized to exercise one of these professions has the professional title
corresponding to that profession. The person authorized to exercise one of these
professions must be registered by the Department of Health (199).

It is highly possible that the practise of unregulated techniques (see below) implicates
actions/manipulations that fall under the sphere of competence of a regulated health
profession. Thus the practise of such actions/manipulations can only be carried out by a
health professional authorized to practise by the Minister of Health. Persons who don’t have an authorization to practise and carry out such actions/manipulations face possible
prosecution (200).

The governmental supervision of CAM Practices

The Ministry of Health supervises the application of the provisions of the modified law of 26 March 1992 (199). A higher council for the health care professions governed by this law supervises the adherence of these professionals to the code of ethics and is the competent authority for disciplinary actions against these professionals (199).

The reimbursement status of CAM practices

Homeopathy is not officially reimbursed, but may be covered if provided by a recognized
health personnel (41).