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Notice! All text below is copied from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec 31, 2012

Physiotherapy is regulated in Bulgaria. The title “Kinesitherapist” (for university graduates) “Rehabilitator” (for college graduates) is not protected by the Bulgarian state, nor is the professional activity.

There are no official rules of professional conduct or other state legislations. Bulgaria does not require a registration or licence to practise. However, the Bulgarian physiotherapy association has established a code of ethics for physiotherapists. The national authority responsible for the physiotherapy profession in Bulgaria is the Ministry of Health (63).

The use of non-conventional physical methods is regulated under the health law article
166.1.3. and art 167 (58). We understand that physiotherapy may be covered by this
regulation. Providers can practise if they are holders of:

  • A master’s degree in the professional area of medicine, dental medicine or
  • A specialist’s or bachelor’s degree in the professional area of health care.
  • A secondary education diploma and a certificate of completed training of at least
    four semesters at a higher medical school under terms and conditions set out by the
    Minister of Health and the Minster of Education and Science.

Physiotherapy is registered in the EU regulated professions database as follows:
Physiotherapist is a directly related regulated profession with title “Рехабилитатор”
(Rehabilitation specialist (EN)) recognized under Directive 2005/36/EC(5), ID 11965.

General system of recognition- primary application. National legislation: Law on Health. Qualification level: PS3 – Diploma of post-secondary level (3-4 years), Art. 11 d(7).